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486-66MHz PC/104 CPU Board with VGA

  • Integrated 486DX2-66 STPC-Client CPU
  • System Memory : One 144-pin SO-DIMM socket up to 32MB EDO RAM
  • System Chipset : SGS Thomson STPC-Client
  • Video Controller : Integrated in STPC Processor - Shared Memory
  • Super I/O: 2 xRS232, 1xParallel Port, 1xFDD, 1xIDE Ultra-DMA-33
  • Software programmable Watchdog timer
  • SSD : One DiskOnChipTM socket
  • Power Consumption : 1.4A@+5V
  • Dimensions: 90x96mm
  • The PM-1041 is a PC/104 compatible CPU Board with integrated 486-66MHz STPC-CLIENT CPU. Other features include onboard VGA graphics, serial ports and disk-on-chip support. Memory Expansion is via an SO-DIMM socket on the rear of the board.

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    PM-1041    486-66MHz PC/104 CPU Board with VGA    £ 161.00
    € 208.26
    $ 234.00

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