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Wide Temperature Range PC/104 Pentium MMX CPU Board

  • 64 Bit CPU 6x86 with MMX™ technology
  • 200 or 300 MHz NSC-Geode-GX1 Processor
  • Fanless operation
  • 64MB or 128MB SDRAM available
  • FlashBIOS™
  • Internal cache (L1) 16 KByte
  • CompactFlash Module socket
  • Onboard Sound: AC97 (Line-In/Line-Out) - Optional
  • ISA (PC104) and PCI bus (PC104-PLUS) (3.3V compliant only)
  • Intel #69000 Graphics controller with up to 1280 x1024 x 8bpp Res
  • 2 MB SGRAM Graphics Memory
  • TFT LCD & PanelLink™ flat panel interface
  • 100/10BaseT Fast-Ethernet port
  • Keyboard, Mouse, 2xUSB, LPT, 2xCOM, FDD, EIDE.
  • 2 independent watchdogs (short and long time)
  • Battery onboard
  • Windows CE™ certified
  • Windows 95/98 & Windows NT Support
  • Linux, QNX & VXworks O/S Support
  • 5VDC @ 4-6W Power Consumption
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature
  • This HighRel design brings Pentium™ class CPU power to Embedded PC applications, where compactness, low power consumption and fanless operation are key requirements.

    As PCI bus, Fast-Ethernet and Flat Panel support becomes more and more important for embedded system design engineers, the "Cool RoadRunner-II" module is the first real All-In-One single board computer in his class.

    The module was especially designed to support internet appliances like Thin Clients, WEBTVs, CARPCs and Embedded Servers. It features a wide range of peripheral functions such as COM1/2, LPT with EPP/EPC, EIDE, FDD, PS/2 Mouse, PS/2 Keyboard, VGA, IrDA, 2 x USB, Sound-I/O, Fast Ethernet (100/10BaseT), TV-Out and direct Video-In port.

    It also features extensive flat panel support with resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 at 8bpp. The flat panel interface can be connected bit-parallel or by using the long distance on low EMI PanelLink™ standard.

    The on board watchdog and voltage supervisory circuit prevents system malfunctions.

    SDRAM and SSD flash disk can be selected per application requirements. A CompactFlash socket (type 1 and 2, IDE compatible) can be used for CompactFlash Cards up to 96 MB and also for MicroDrive hard disk from IBM. The 44-pin EIDE port can be used for additional CompactFlash™ devices, hard disks and CD-ROM drives in master/slave configuration.

    Although the "Cool RoadRunner-II" SBC has all peripherals on board, the module can be easily extended by the ISA and the PCI bus by using extension boards in the PC/104-Plus standard. For example by an external PCI bus based frame grabber module or a PCI bus based SCSI module or an ISA bus based Fieldbus controller.

    An additional FDD power connector can be used to power the complete system, when the PC/104-Plus bus connectors are not applicable. The "Cool RoadRunner-II" board is designed for a single supply voltage of 5 VDC. All necessary voltages are generated onboard.

    Ordering Information

    Item    Description    Price    Qty
    E-104-CRR2-K300    Wide Temp PC/104 Pentium MMX 300 MHz CPU Board - with Sound, PanelLink, Video Output & PC104-Plus Interface.    £ 789.00
    € 1017.27
    $ 1143.00
    E-104-CRR2-VE200    Wide Temp PC/104 Pentium MMX 200 MHz CPU Board - with VGA & Ethernet - No PC/104-PLus Interface.    £ 637.00
    € 821.83
    $ 923.40

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