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PC104 Pentium Class CPU Board

  • 300 MHz Pentium® Class CPU
  • Dual 10/100 BaseT Ethernet ports
  • Up to 256 Mbyte SDRAM
  • CompactFlash™ Socket
  • SXGA:1280 x 1024,TFT:1024 x 768
  • LVDS
  • 2 x USB
  • Only 6 watts power consumption
  • No active cooling
  • Supervision LEDs for power, watchdog, Ethernet and custom purpose
  • General Purpose I/O signals
  • Sound I/O AC97 compatible
  • 2 independent watchdogs
  • Flash BIOS
  • GoldCap for backup
  • Expandable via PC/104 bus
  • The CoolEcoRunner PC/104 module is especially designed for low cost, low power communication appliances. It features a Pentium™ class CPU, running at 300MHz and dual Fast Ethernet 10/100 BaseT interfaces.

    At the core of the CoolEcoRunner works National Semiconductor's GEODE GX1 processor. This technology provides for the very low power requirements, qualifying this single board computer for mobile or remote applications where the power supply is usually limited. Because of this low power consumption, a fan is not needed to keep the chip's temperature low, making the board even more robust.

    The two Fast Ethernet interfaces make the CoolEcoRunner ideally suited for devices that need more than one bus line to the outside world. Typical applications include SCADA and Fieldbus controllers, firewalls, bridges and routers.

    A wide range of peripheral functions are supported: COM1/2, LPT with EPP/EPC, EIDE, FDD, PS/2 MOuse, PS/2 Keyboard, and 2 x USB.

    A great variety of displays can be used with the CoolEcoRunner. There is standard VGA as well as LVDS support with resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 at 8 bpp. The latter allows connection of remote LC displays while assuring that none or only little interference problems bother the application.

    The flexible memory configuration of up to 256 Mbyte of SODIMM RAM allows exact tailoring to the customer's requirements. System malfunction can be detected with the integrated watchdogs. For easy troubleshooting are supervision LEDs for power, watchdog, Ethernet and custom purposes integrated on the board. Although the CoolEcoRunner has the complete PC functionality on board, the module can be easily extended via the ISA bus using standard PC/104 peripherals.

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