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Serial > Analog Input

Serial Data Acquisition unit with 16 Single Ended or 8 Differential Ended 14-bit Analog inputs with a maximum sampling rate of 3KHz and 24 Digital I/O's. Analog Inputs are available on 8 BNC connectors.

  • Interface: RS232 or RS485 (Factory Set)
  • Resolution: 16 x 14-bit Analog Inputs
  • 8 Differential Analog Input Channels via BNC Connectors
  • 3KHz Sampling Speed
  • Onboard 16K FIFO
  • 24x Digital
  • Digital I/O lines (3x 8-bit ports)
  • I/O Connector: 1x DB25 Male (for DIO) & 8 BNC for ADC
  • LED indication of power
  • Ideal for Laptop/PDA use
  • Housing: Plastic ABS with rubber feet
  • Operating Temp: 0 to 70C
  • O/S Support for Windows 98/ME/XP/2000
  • Includes EDRE SDK and WaveView for Windows
  • Power: Supplied with a 1A 9VDC external Universal PSU
  • Power Consumption: 500mA @ 9VDC
  • Dimensions: 45(H) x 80(W) x 148(L) mm

The MicroDAQ SRL-26-BNC is a multi-function analog and digital I/O product which communicates to the host PC via a RS-232 or RS-485 serial interface. The unit has a 14-bit resolution and is the perfect measurement device for portable, laboratory or classroom use.

Featuring 8 differential analog inputs, the unit can be used to measure voltage signals from sensors, transducers, accelerometers and much more. The digital I/O is available in 3 sets of 8 channels which can be programmed as inputs or outputs.

The addition of BNC connectors to this unit also makes it highly suitable for prototype applications, where easy connection and disconnection of the analog inputs may be required.

Two interface versions are available for the serial MicroDAQ range, these include RS-232 models and RS-485 models. The RS-232 models are best suited for short distances (up to 30 meters. The RS-485 models allow for long distance data transmission (up to 1200 meters). These RS-485 models are ideally suited for process control applications in a plant or industrial environment, which require long cable runs.

Included Installation Kit (SRL-RS232-AC)

  • 1 x Universal AC PSU (9V)
  • Serial Cable (1.8 m; F-F)
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Included Installation Kit (SRL-RS485-AC)
  • 1 x Universal AC PSU (9V)
  • 1 x ADPT-9
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Ordering Information

Item    Description    Price    Qty
SRL-26A16-RS232-BNC    RS232 8 Differential Channel 3KHz 14-bit A/D with BNC connectors, 24 DIO - incl 2Mtr RS232 Cable & 9VDC Power Supply    £ 625.00
€ 806.34
$ 906.00
SRL-26A16-RS485-BNC    RS485 8 Differential Channel 3KHz 14-bit A/D with BNC connectors, 24 DIO - incl ADPT-9 & 9VDC Power Supply    £ 625.00
€ 806.34
$ 906.00
Optional Accessories

Item    Description    Price    Qty
ADPT-25-M    Medium MicroDAQ mini Screw Terminal Adapter    £ 40.00
€ 51.62
$ 58.00
ADPT-25-S    Short MicroDAQ mini Screw Terminal Adaptor    £ 40.00
€ 51.62
$ 58.00
ADPT-2526    DB25 (F) & IDC26 (M) to 27way Screw Terminal    £ 64.00
€ 82.77
$ 93.00
DB25M/F    DB25(M) to DB25(F) Multi-core Screened Cable    £ 15.00
€ 19.58
$ 22.00
PC-37F    24 Channel Opto-22 Solid State Relay Module    £ 447.00
€ 576.72
$ 648.00
PC-38X    24 Channel I/O DRIVER MODULE    £ 55.00
€ 70.31
$ 79.00
PC-43C    24 Channel Digital Opto-Isolator I/P Module    £ 150.00
€ 193.13
$ 217.00
PC-52A2    (2x)8ch; (4x) 4ch Analog I/P Connectors & 7 (1x) 4ch Analog O/P Connectors    £ 37.00
€ 47.17
$ 53.00

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