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30VDC @ 5A Power Supply for PMD4 Series drives

The PS4 Power Supply kit offers an easy, cost effective solution for providing the proper level of unregulated DC power to the PMD4 Series drives. This kit contains all of the components required to build one 30 VDC, 5A unregulated power supply capable of operating from a 120 or 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz supply.

The user must provide all interconnection and hookup wire (16 AWG minimum recommended). OMS also recommends that a 2 Amp time delay 250V fuse be added to the AC input power circuit if other fusing is not already in place.

Ordering Information

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PS4    30VDC @ 5A Power Supply for PMD4 Series drives    £ 101.00
€ 130.30
$ 146.40

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