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PC/104 > Digital I/O

PC104 72 Channel Digital I/O Board

  • 72 Digital Inputs or Outputs
  • Each Port C0 and C3 are protected up to a voltage of ±12V
  • Software configurable IRQs for each Port C0 AND C3
  • Windows98/ME/2000/XP OS Support
  • Linux OS Support
  • Supplied with EDR Software, EDR Enhanced Software, PC/104 Mounting Kit and Ribbon Cable (IDC50 and IDC40)

The PC104-72A is an PC/104 based Digital I/O Board. Each board uses three industry-standard Programmable Peripheral Interface chips (PPI) to achieve 72 channels of digital I/O. Advanced features are implemented on this board, making it ideal for industrial and control applications. Most features are software controlled which eliminates the need for a change in jumper settings. Port C0 and C3 of each PPI are tagged to a global interrupt sharing line. This makes it ideal for Multi-tasking Environments where host CPU overhead must be kept to a minimum. Only a level change on any of these Port Lines will generate an interrupt.

Wait-State Generation is incorporated in the PC104-72A for operation on CPU modules with fast Bus Clock speeds. It is fully PC104 Rev 2.3 compliant and compatible with the ISA based Digital/IO Boards allowing easy migration from ISA to the PC104 Based PC104-72A. The PC104-72A utilizes SMT and high-density logic (FPGA) design for its operation and interface to the PC104 Bus.

The PC104-72A offers optimal performance under DOS, Win95/98 and Win NT. This ensures that most key features can be controlled from software. Data transfers through the PC104 Bus can exceed 50kBytes/S which means that host CPU overhead is kept to a minimum. The PC104-72A is an advanced 72 Digital I/O Board for PC104 based systems.

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PC104-72A    72 Channel Digital I/O Board    Email for pricing     
Optional Accessories

Item    Description    Price    Qty
ADPT-3740    DB37 (M) & IDC40 (M) to 41way Screw Terminal    Email for pricing     
ADPT-5050    DB50 (M) & IDC50 (M) to 51way Screw Terminal    Email for pricing     
IDC40    IDC40(F) to IDC40(F) Ribbon Cable - 1m    Email for pricing     
IDC50    IDC50(F) to IDC50(F) Ribbon Cable - 1m    Email for pricing     
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