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User manual
ISA > Synchro/Resolver

4 Channel Digital to Synchro Converter

  • Synchro or resolver outputs available
  • 12 or 14bit resolution
  • Accuracy: 14bit - 4 arc-minute; 12bit - 6 arc-minute
  • Input data rate: 14 bit - 4000 degs/S max ; 12 bit 8000 degs/S max
  • Excitation freqencies - 60Hz or 400Hz
  • Drives up to 5VA loads
  • Transformer isolated outputs
  • "Locked Rotor" protection
  • Short-circuit and Overload protection
  • Full power supply protection and Software Control
  • The PC-40 is a versatile, full-size IBM PC Card designed for 1-4 channels of digital to synchro, or digital to resolver conversion. Options with output voltages of 90VL-L or 11.8L-L are available. High power outputs are transformer isolated, and provide maximum protection. The card is double-buffered and the 12-bit angle information is provided in two 8-bit bytes. The I/O addressing space is switch selectable with a DIP switch.

    Ordering Information

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    PC-40    4 Channel Digital to Synchro Converter Board    Email for pricing     
    Optional Accessories

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    ADPT-3740    DB37 (M) & IDC40 (M) to 41way Screw Terminal    £ 79.00
    € 101.46
    $ 114.00
    DB37F/F    DB37(F) to DB37(F) Multi-core screened cable - 1m    £ 16.00
    € 20.47
    $ 23.00
    PC-42    Power Oscillator (5watt 400HZ-10KHz)    Email for pricing     

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